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All the media is buzzing about the housing market. They are saying that the timeline for home buyers and sellers are being pushed up. I think the headline was "Could January be the New April for Home Shopping?"  Personally, I agree. The lack of inventory of 2019 is pushing all the home shoppers from 2019 into early 2020. 

Beating out the competition

Given that there is quite a bit of competition, I wanted to make a tool available that has helped many of my home buyers and sellers.  It's called HomeScout®.  It is by far the best home search platform on the market.  Why?  Because it's a true, national search site... and it's private.  My clients get to be nosy, aspire, and dream. Also, there is a BIG problem with Zillow which I address later on.  

A phenomenal mobile experience

Bottom line, you'll find more homes here than anywhere else and the mobile app is beautiful. I did a nice review on the tool HERE

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Explore Every Home Nationwide - Get HomeScout

The problems with ZILLOW

Zillow is not a real estate site, but rather they are a marketing site.  They make money by selling the information you give them to 3rd parties, loan officers and real estate agents.  The data is also highly inaccurate in many markets.  

Industry research show crazy statistics on Zillow

  • 36% of “active” home listings were no longer for sale.
  • Over 15% of homes advertised for sale on Zillow and Trulia were not actually on the market. These sites were also missing 30% of agent-listed properties.
  • In one major market, only 47% of listings displayed the correct sale price.
  • It can take 7 to 9 days for public real estate sites to publish new homes for sale.

Here's a quote from a prominent paper when asked about why Zillow and Trulia data is highly inaccurate.

"These types of systemic data quality issues have been known to Zillow and Trulia for years, and yet they have made only modest infrastructure improvements to address them. This makes sense when you realize that buyers searching for a home on Zillow or Trulia are not really their customers, they’re the product that is being sold —Tim Ellis (Seattle Bubble)"

Special rebates when selling and buying

For those that don't know about our Seller program, Project My Home, please check it out.  It's guaranteed to lower the cost of your home sale and increase visibility of your listing.  We also offer an amazing financing package to buyers that buy one of these listings. It's just like when builders offer an incentive in the form of a closing cost credit.  Click the image below to find out more or click HERE.

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