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Memorial Day Memories

I remember

So many things come to mind as I remember the great sacrifice of the men and women of our country.  I've had the honor to serve those who serve for the past 25 years in the field of mortgage finance.  Many that I knew have paid the ultimate cost so that we can live free in this country.  So, to all those who serve and have served... thank you.

Please comment below regarding a story of someone you remember this Memorial Day.  

My Dad

I remember my Father, Lt. Col Edward Tom Elmendorf Jr., USAF, Ret.  He served our country from 1950 to 1970 as a pilot.  He loved to fly more than anything.  Side note, I flew with him once.  ONCE, and never again.  After the upside down and the "touch and go" landing... yeah no more.  My Dad drove his 2 seat Mercedes on the open roads of Texas like he flew his F94.  Safe to say that driving with him was just as scary.  

My Dad was part of the "first line of defense", Air Defense Command they called it. These guys guarded the continental United States from Air Threat and it was written "to counter expected Soviet bomber advances" among other things. This was a pretty big deal in the 1950s given the international climate at the time.  He enjoyed posts such as Presque Isle, Iceland, Japan, Orlando and finally Bangkok, Thailand where your's truly was born in '69.  He would tell me stories how they would hear the horn (and it's like 20 below in Iceland) and they had maybe 5 minutes to be in the air.  I can't imagine.

Below is a picture of my Dad in Iceland.  He's the dapper guy on the left!  (check out the V8 juice and those low ceilings!)


It's pretty common sentiment among our active and veteran military that "those guys" that flew back then are highly respected and revered for the job they did.  Funny that when people would thank my Dad for his service he would always say, "Are you kidding me?   Thank you!  Best job I ever had!"

My Dad didn't give his life serving his country, but many serving with him did.  God preserved him until the age of 90 and he is now home with the Lord having passed on to eternity on July 24, 2018.  I remember his service, love as a Father and friendship. I miss you Dad, but will see you soon.