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Project My Home flaunts new listing strategy for Sellers!

Realtor Influence Matters

Please note that what I am about to suggest requires the involvement of a Realtor.  The following is a unique listing and selling strategy for today's home seller facilitated by one of the largest lenders in the country.

Project My Home®

So after about a year of testing and several reworks, we finally have a proven method that helps home sellers to sell faster, for a higher sales price and at the same time reduce the cost of their home sale by up to 3%.  Think of it as a Realtor "ad on" to everything your Agent will, or already is doing. 

Project MY Home® is a Seller relocation program that lowers the cost of your home sale.  

  1. Sellers receive up to 1% of the Sales Price back when you sell your home and buy another(1).
  2. The home is marketed and showcased on popular home search sites as a featured  listing with a substantial financing deal offered to the incoming Buyer.  This subsidy to the Buyer diminishes the need for seller paid closing costs(2).

PMH Official Listing

Pocket Buyers

You may have heard of "pocket listings" where Realtors have secret inventory or "coming soon"; however recent changes to the law effective Jan 1, 2020 make it very difficult, if not impossible for a Realtor to pre-market your home.  Project My Home solves this.  Imagine having thousands of buyers at your fingertips looking for homes, all pre-approved with one of the largest lenders in the country.  The concept is to match our pre-approved Buyers at Caliber to our list of approved listings.  

I need listings!

If you are thinking of selling your home in the next 6-12 months, we should talk now as to how to use this program to save time and money.  Register your home or get more information at projectmyhome.com.  

  • (1) Lender Credit to the Seller on the next purchase is the lesser of $7500, 1% of the Sales Price of the home they are selling or 1% of the amount financed on the new home. Sellers must finance their next home with Rick Elmendorf NMLS ID#485091 at Caliber Home Loans to receive the lender credit. 
  • (2) Lender Credit to the Buyer on a Project My Home listing is capped at $10,000. Credits to Buyers are a percentage of the amount financed and are only available on registered Project My Home listings. Buyer must finance with Rick Elmendorf NMLS ID#485091 at Caliber Home Loans to receive the lender credit. Lender Credits to Buyers is 1% x loan amount. Credit is doubled if borrower is financing with a VA Loan.